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High Quality Black Marble

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High Quality Black Marble
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There are 3 quality type so 3 different prices.

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Having a very dark black background with spread beautiful white patterns, Royal Black Marble gives an eye-catching appearance which stands out among all other black marbles. It is common that many Black Marbles have both white and gold veins with each other but Royal Black Marble does not have any gold or brown vein in any part. In addition, white patterns of this stone are not linear. Sometimes, holes appear on the surface of dark marbles which are called as chains. Chains do not vanish during the polishing process. Royal Black Marble is chain free and so optimal for production. Therefore, this stone is a worthy item for producing polished slabs or tiles.


Black marbles are always one of the most demanded types of natural stones which can be found in many countries of the world. Iran is one of the richest places for black marble quarries. 






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